Traditional artwork on canvas for Art galleries, sketches, personal projects, etc...


Concept art, sketches and Art direction for movies, TV series, etc...


Covers and illustrations for books, videogames, CDs, etc...




A new image in the section "Movie work" in concept art, here.


A short TV interview during the festival of The Imaginales in France. So, obviously... it's in French. Sorry.


A new press article in a Serbian Magazine. You can check it out here (English version).


A new image in the "covers" section, created for the poster of the festival of Les Imaginales, in the city of Epinal, France. The underlying theme was Family.


A new interview for the online group "Characters Engage" newsletter.

Check it out here.


A new image in my personal work section: The Summer Kimono. It's an oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches. It was done for the Art auction of the 2012 Centennial of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. All proceeds went to the Japan Tsunami relief Fund.


My latest interview, on Animation Insider here.


We are wrapping up pre-production on season 2 of Transformers Prime. I will probably be able to start posting images in a while.