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It's a wrap! Today officially marks my closing day as a paid stuntman on one episode of the show "Deadliest Warrior" (season 2). I'm not kidding. During stunt rehearsal, I got shot, wacked with the back of an AK47, strangled with the same weapon, kneed in the ribs, thrown to the ground judo style, stabbed, and elbowed in the face to the ground (trying to defend my wife).
Note that I never asked for it. But I was polite and took it very nicely.
Unfortunately, only the elbow to the face will -maybe- show on TV.
Meanwhile, I still got to punch and kill a pirate by slamming his head multiple times into a wall and shoot him with his own weapon.
See, people, we don't need video games to have fun....


A note on Avatar

Since so many people are asking me about the similarity between the giant floating rocks in my personal work and in the movie Avatar, I thought I had to write a note on the matter. You can read it here.


Article in "American Generations" Magazine

Here is a new article on Christophe in the December issue of: "American Generations Magazine - A salute to the Life and Ideals of America".



Annie Award nominee on "9"

Something amazing happened this morning: I got a Nomination in the upcoming 37th Annie Awards (the equivalent of the Academy Awards for Animation), in the category "Best Production Design in a Feature Production", for the Art Direction I did on the movie "9".

In this category, "9" is going against two other movies: "Coraline", and Disney's "The Princess and The Frog".

It is a tremendous honor to accept this nomination. However, I would like to mention the names of 3 people without whom this movie wouldn't look the way it does, and who deserve this nomination as much as I do, if not more: Robert St-Pierre and Fred Warter who were  Production Designers, and Kevin Adams who was the second Art Director.

The Awards Ceremony will take place at UCLA's Royce Hall in Los Angeles on February 6, 2010. The events will be hosted by timeless celebrity William Shatner, and this year's Annie honorees include Tim Burton, Bruce Timm and Jeffrey Katzenberg. You can find the list of all the Annie Awards nominees here.

I am crossing my fingers, and anyone who wants to do the same for me is welcome :)



"9" Artwork

You can now see on this site some of the artwork I did as Art director on the movie "9". Go here